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JAMAICA BAKES - Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

     I love chocolate, maybe it is because I am male. Chocolate is processed from the cocoa bean. The cocoa tree grows high in the mountain where I live, which is the Caribbean of the West Indies, where it is perfect to grow the cocoa tree. Cocoa is cultivated, produced, and processed to cocoa powder in Africa mainly.
     Chocolate in big business it is in majority of the candies we eat. I use cocoa powder as an ingredient to bake coffee chocolate-layered cake, my favorite cake. In this Jamaican Food Cake, I used coconut's milk not cow' s milk.

Jamaican Food Cake - Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

     I decided many years ago not to drink cow' s milk any more. Why? I will not get into, but I learned the human' s body was not designed to digest cow' s milk. That is all I will say. Go research the matter yourself, or visit Jamaican Dinners. In so doing, I now use coconut' s milk as my substitute for calcium in my Jamaican Cake Food.

Power of Using Coconut's Milk; I used it to bake Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

     The coconut helps prevent obesity; it improves heart health; it is high in dietary fiber; it is low on the glycemic index; it reduces craves for sweets; it improves digestion, and it is an energy booster. Coconut contains no trans-fat, is gluten-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic; it has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic healing properties. Coconut aids in support of the overall immune system.

Video Tutorial is available!

     The chocolate we use in Jamaica is from Africa. Although we have the cocoa tree many product are imported. In the local market farmers have cocoa balls available for sell. Farmers who cultivate cocoa beans beat it after roasted to powder. And then is used to form cocoa balls. Many Jamaicans uses the cocoa balls to brew cocoa tea.

     Chocolate is delicious with coffee. For this simple recipe, my video tutorial with ingredients, and instructions are precise. Tune in to Jamaican Food | Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake on my website. Thank you.

The are picture of the cakes and pastries Jamaican love to eat.

     Now! In my life, I do not eat butter. I do not eat anything unnatural. I am mindful of the animal protein. When I was a child I loved eating eggs. Now I do not buy eggs. If I am somewhere with my friends, and they are eating it. I will have some then. For me domesticate eggs are artificial. That's why I am again it. I belief if you eat plenty eggs for a long time. 

My opinion is, egg aid in giving people cancer; as do anything you eat for many years which is unreal and unnatural

Do not despair. I have here at Jamaica bakes natural baking recipes. We will experiment with natural ingredient to bake your favourite Jamaican cakes. Although we must use some artificial products. We will eliminate the most harmful once we will use to bake.

     I give you a honest guide to prepare and bake Jamaican cakes. It will have a desirable natural taste. And greatly! It will be healthy for you.

Would you like to experience the taste of baking Jamaica's Cakes? 

Do you want the secrets? If you said yes? 

(Then consider starting with Easter Bun. Try baking Easter, or Carrot Cake, it is easy to prepare and tastes delicious when it is homemade.)
The best bun in the world! after you make you can never buy from the store again. Miquel the genius blessed chef. Salute x. (This comment came from my YouTube Channel.)

Please look forward to my next blog. It will be on The impact on eating food with bones?

by MiQuel Marvin Samuels

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