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JAMAICA BAKES - Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

     I love chocolate, maybe it is because I am male. Chocolate is processed from the cocoa bean. The cocoa tree grows high in the mountain where I live, which is the Caribbean of the West Indies, where it is perfect to grow the cocoa tree. Cocoa is cultivated, produced, and processed to cocoa powder in Africa mainly.
     Chocolate in big business it is in majority of the candies we eat. I use cocoa powder as an ingredient to bake coffee chocolate-layered cake, my favorite cake. In this Jamaican Food Cake, I used coconut's milk not cow' s milk.

Jamaican Food Cake - Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

     I decided many years ago not to drink cow' s milk any more. Why? I will not get into, but I learned the human' s body was not designed to digest cow' s milk. That is all I will say. Go research the matter yourself, or visit Jamaican Dinners. In so doing, I now use coconut' s milk as my substitute for calcium in my Jamaican Cake Food.

Power of Using Coconut's Milk; I used it to bake Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake

     The coconut helps prevent obesity; it improves heart health; it is high in dietary fiber; it is low on the glycemic index; it reduces craves for sweets; it improves digestion, and it is an energy booster. Coconut contains no trans-fat, is gluten-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic; it has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic healing properties. Coconut aids in support of the overall immune system.

Video Tutorial is available!

     The chocolate we use in Jamaica is from Africa. Although we have the cocoa tree many product are imported. In the local market farmers have cocoa balls available for sell. Farmers who cultivate cocoa beans beat it after roasted to powder. And then is used to form cocoa balls. Many Jamaicans uses the cocoa balls to brew cocoa tea.

     Chocolate is delicious with coffee. For this simple recipe, my video tutorial with ingredients, and instructions are precise. Tune in to Jamaican Food | Coffee Chocolate Layered Cake on my website. Thank you.

The are picture of the cakes and pastries Jamaican love to eat.

     Now! In my life, I do not eat butter. I do not eat anything unnatural. I am mindful of the animal protein. When I was a child I loved eating eggs. Now I do not buy eggs. If I am somewhere with my friends, and they are eating it. I will have some then. For me domesticate eggs are artificial. That's why I am again it. I belief if you eat plenty eggs for a long time. 

My opinion is, egg aid in giving people cancer; as do anything you eat for many years which is unreal and unnatural

Do not despair. I have here at Jamaica bakes natural baking recipes. We will experiment with natural ingredient to bake your favourite Jamaican cakes. Although we must use some artificial products. We will eliminate the most harmful once we will use to bake.

     I give you a honest guide to prepare and bake Jamaican cakes. It will have a desirable natural taste. And greatly! It will be healthy for you.

Would you like to experience the taste of baking Jamaica's Cakes? 

Do you want the secrets? If you said yes? 

(Then consider starting with Easter Bun. Try baking Easter, or Carrot Cake, it is easy to prepare and tastes delicious when it is homemade.)
The best bun in the world! after you make you can never buy from the store again. Miquel the genius blessed chef. Salute x. (This comment came from my YouTube Channel.)

Please look forward to my next blog. It will be on The impact on eating food with bones?

by MiQuel Marvin Samuels

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     If you are sick this can be a life saving information page for you. Nothing in this world, in this universe is best to eat, than nature's raw food. Humans are now evolved to eat cook food. We are so accustom to doing the wrong things. It's hard to stop eating hamburger and fry chicken. The thing is eating these process or cooked foods are slowly killing us. I really belief if humans weren't eating cooked food we will live to be maybe 150 to 200 years. People are now living to be 115 years. I learned how important it is to eat raw vegetable, green leaves, fruits, berries, seeds, grains, nuts and starchy foods.

     It is not eating real foods, why you got sick in first place! It is your body crying out for nutrition. The enzymes in the plants are the vitamins and minerals your body need and wants to be strong and vibrant. You will be alert and smart; healthy and wise. And for that you will live a rich life. The immune system will be effective and efficiently fight any bacteria and germs, which can get in the human’s body. That is what makes us sick. This information is fatally correct.

Jamaica goes Raw with Vegetables 

     I was motivated to go a raw diet only because I got sick. I did not want to use any medication. I researched and I learned a lot. Often times when we are sick it’s because our body lock enzyme. My sickness was an infection. So I want on a raw food diet for one year. And then I got better. 

     Here is some knowledge a lot of people do not know. If for some reason your body got disease, an infection of any kind, blood problem or even cancer. Did you know that when you eat meat. The animal protein feeds the sickness. Therefore if you are sick and you are consuming any meat, chicken, fish, milk, eggs, cheese or even any artificial product. You will not get better. Medication will not fix the problem. Medication might make you feel as if you are getting better. But the true is you are not. If you want to get better go on a 7 years RAW FOOD DIET. THAT WILL HELP! 

     That’s if your body is not already 70% damage. Meaning, if the liver is the organ that is hailing. And the function of the liver is gone by 70%, and it's only 30% good. There is hope. Go on a raw food diet for 7 years. Eat strictly RAW ORGANIC VEGETABLES. EAT ORGANIC ONLY! Your liver and the other organs in your body will be at 100% function ability. Think for a moment! If animal protein feeds “the germs of a sickness” in your body, and the germs cannot get anything to feed it. Eventually it will die. Then remove from your body in the toilet. Trust me you will know when the sickness is gone. Do the research on your own. I only tell you what I know. It's called "Colonic irrigation".

Jamaica goes Raw

     People need to understand the human body was designed to survive. So even if you are not caring it well. It will still go on. But know this, at some points in life; with years of bad abates. Your body will get sick.

     We are the only mammal on earth. That got the type of sickness we do. Monkey, dogs, pigs, horses, wharves and animal on a hold do not have cancer. Why is it that? Animals eat nature's food. Even the lion! “For him a dear is nature’s food.” Which meat is essential to every life? That's a different topic for a different department on jamaicandinnersdotcom.)

Please look forward to my next article on Jamaican Cake Foods.


It is sunny and warm in Jamaica. So for me I do not drink must soup. It makes my body feel too warm. Never the less Jamaican people love drinking soup. For one, the warmth in the stomach releases gas. Often times its bad eating abates, what will give a person gas in the first place. Some countries have it to be that eating beans will give a person gas. How can eating peas be bad in anyway. When it good for you! Eating peas aid in the release of gas from the humans body. It's a good thing. Why? because when you eat butter and those artificial products such as sweet biscuits and hormone meat, chicken and so on. It takes long to digest. If any at all! When you eat plenty cooked or raw peas. It will force the fake stuff out of your body by the stool. I am a living testament. Is eating plenty peas really makes the body healthy? Peas are also great for building muscles. It makes your organs stronger and efficient. Peas are one of those power foods in nature now.

Jamaican Soups

All must all the Jamaican soup we cook here in Jamaica. Will have yam, Irish, pumpkin, potato, almost any starchy produce can use to boil soup. Drinking soups should be like have dinner meal. You want to feel as if you just eat food. And you wouldn't want to eat something else. 

I know restaurants use soup to wake up your stomach for food. But in Jamaican the food is in the soup. If we are cooking beef soup we use meat. If we are cooking chicken soup we use chicken feet. 

At funeral and wedding parties we use the cow cod to make Cod soup. Often times the cow's tripe and other things are used in the soup as well. Jamaican men love drinking cow cod soup, "people say it make them stronger in bed"

My favorite Jamaican soup is gungo or kidney pea’s soup. All peas is a source of dietary fiber / fiber. So if you want to lose weight plenty peas. I belief it's also good in clearing the topper and the lower testis.

Please look for my next article on Jamaican Food it Impacted.


Jamaica has many healthy Jamaican breakfasts. We have many vegetable cuisines. For one boiled yam, ripe plantains, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, wheat flour dumplings are Jamaican foods we love to eat with breakfast. Those foods are served with a main course of calla loo  ackee with salt fish  cabbage and salt fish  Okra with salt fish, fricassee, curried chicken, bok choy and codfish, cabbage and salt fish and so on. 
Jamaican Breakfasts

Our exotic meal as such as cow's liver and kidney are good source of victims B-12. The human body need it. At a period in time people were getting sick from not eating liver. The cow’s liver has protein in it, which is in nothing else. 



My next article will be on Why Jamaican eat food with bones? Jamaican Breakfasts by RasMiQuelCooks - MiQuel Marvin Samuels.


     Some people call me a phenomenal cook. For one I love to cook my own food and I am Jamaican. I have two cookbooks about breakfast and dinner. Having said, I am feeling obligated to write this article on Jamaica’s foods.

To talk about Jamaica’s food we need to go in history. Jamaica is an Island, which were colonized by the Spanish at one point and the British another. In between that, Blacks came to Jamaica by the voyage from Africa. In addition, the Chinese came to work. Over time, other nationals immigrated to Jamaica, while the Indians where here. Therefore, today we have many people for one Jamaica, leaving this small island with an influence to prepare and cook Jamaica’s food numerous ways.

     The making of Jamaica’s foods for what it is today, started when people socialized and intertwined cultures. This causes the sharing of cooking styles and methods. The statistic shows many people in the world, loves eating Jamaica’s foods. There are restaurants in many cities and towns throughout America, Canada, England, the Caribbean and other countries.

Jamaican food is unique to Jamaica, as Italian food is to Italy. The statistic shows, the following Jamaican people influenced and changed the world for the best. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. was a Jamaican political leader. He was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements. He founded the Black Star Line, which promoted the return of the African to their ancestral lands.

     Bob Marley was a great reggae artist in the world. His music influences many to empowerment. Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Merlene Otty, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Kerron Stewart are all brilliant athletes. I just named a few out of many brilliant Jamaicans. We have the fastest male sprinter and fastest female sprinter. The list goes on. It is in the food why Jamaicans have such great resilience.

     Jamaican food is unique to Jamaica, as Italian food is to Italy. Moreover, it is a fact; Jamaica’s soil produces food of the best quality. For example, Jamaica’s ginger root has 35% zingiberene, and 10% AR-curcumene from the dried rhizomes, which is about 2-3% ginger oil. Jamaica has quality food like green bananas, yam, pumpkin, plantains, sweet potatoes, etc. We have fruit trees like mango, ackee, jackfruit, tamborine, breadfruit, and guinep, to name a few. Jamaica’s scotch bonnet pepper and pimento seeds are rich spices, distributing throughout the world since trading started. 

These are the most popular Jamaican Food dinner meals Jamaicans are eating today.

These are the most popular Jamaican Food breakfast people are eating today.

Would you like to experience the taste of Jamaica? 
Do you want to know why Jamaicans are strong and resilient? 
If you thinking why not? Then consider starting with the food. 

     Try cooking curry chicken, it is easy to prepare and tastes delicious with boiled hard food like green bananas and yam. You can use rice. 

For this and more Jamaica’s food, with video recipes visit JAMAICANDINNERS WEBSITE.

     I would love to break down the history of Jamaica’s breakfast. Therefore, look for my next article on the topic.