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     If you are sick this can be a life saving information page for you. Nothing in this world, in this universe is best to eat, than nature's raw food. Humans are now evolved to eat cook food. We are so accustom to doing the wrong things. It's hard to stop eating hamburger and fry chicken. The thing is eating these process or cooked foods are slowly killing us. I really belief if humans weren't eating cooked food we will live to be maybe 150 to 200 years. People are now living to be 115 years. I learned how important it is to eat raw vegetable, green leaves, fruits, berries, seeds, grains, nuts and starchy foods.

     It is not eating real foods, why you got sick in first place! It is your body crying out for nutrition. The enzymes in the plants are the vitamins and minerals your body need and wants to be strong and vibrant. You will be alert and smart; healthy and wise. And for that you will live a rich life. The immune system will be effective and efficiently fight any bacteria and germs, which can get in the human’s body. That is what makes us sick. This information is fatally correct.

Jamaica goes Raw with Vegetables 

     I was motivated to go a raw diet only because I got sick. I did not want to use any medication. I researched and I learned a lot. Often times when we are sick it’s because our body lock enzyme. My sickness was an infection. So I want on a raw food diet for one year. And then I got better. 

     Here is some knowledge a lot of people do not know. If for some reason your body got disease, an infection of any kind, blood problem or even cancer. Did you know that when you eat meat. The animal protein feeds the sickness. Therefore if you are sick and you are consuming any meat, chicken, fish, milk, eggs, cheese or even any artificial product. You will not get better. Medication will not fix the problem. Medication might make you feel as if you are getting better. But the true is you are not. If you want to get better go on a 7 years RAW FOOD DIET. THAT WILL HELP! 

     That’s if your body is not already 70% damage. Meaning, if the liver is the organ that is hailing. And the function of the liver is gone by 70%, and it's only 30% good. There is hope. Go on a raw food diet for 7 years. Eat strictly RAW ORGANIC VEGETABLES. EAT ORGANIC ONLY! Your liver and the other organs in your body will be at 100% function ability. Think for a moment! If animal protein feeds “the germs of a sickness” in your body, and the germs cannot get anything to feed it. Eventually it will die. Then remove from your body in the toilet. Trust me you will know when the sickness is gone. Do the research on your own. I only tell you what I know. It's called "Colonic irrigation".

Jamaica goes Raw

     People need to understand the human body was designed to survive. So even if you are not caring it well. It will still go on. But know this, at some points in life; with years of bad abates. Your body will get sick.

     We are the only mammal on earth. That got the type of sickness we do. Monkey, dogs, pigs, horses, wharves and animal on a hold do not have cancer. Why is it that? Animals eat nature's food. Even the lion! “For him a dear is nature’s food.” Which meat is essential to every life? That's a different topic for a different department on jamaicandinnersdotcom.)

Please look forward to my next article on Jamaican Cake Foods.

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