Tuesday, 15 April 2014


It is sunny and warm in Jamaica. So for me I do not drink must soup. It makes my body feel too warm. Never the less Jamaican people love drinking soup. For one, the warmth in the stomach releases gas. Often times its bad eating abates, what will give a person gas in the first place. Some countries have it to be that eating beans will give a person gas. How can eating peas be bad in anyway. When it good for you! Eating peas aid in the release of gas from the humans body. It's a good thing. Why? because when you eat butter and those artificial products such as sweet biscuits and hormone meat, chicken and so on. It takes long to digest. If any at all! When you eat plenty cooked or raw peas. It will force the fake stuff out of your body by the stool. I am a living testament. Is eating plenty peas really makes the body healthy? Peas are also great for building muscles. It makes your organs stronger and efficient. Peas are one of those power foods in nature now.

Jamaican Soups

All must all the Jamaican soup we cook here in Jamaica. Will have yam, Irish, pumpkin, potato, almost any starchy produce can use to boil soup. Drinking soups should be like have dinner meal. You want to feel as if you just eat food. And you wouldn't want to eat something else. 

I know restaurants use soup to wake up your stomach for food. But in Jamaican the food is in the soup. If we are cooking beef soup we use meat. If we are cooking chicken soup we use chicken feet. 

At funeral and wedding parties we use the cow cod to make Cod soup. Often times the cow's tripe and other things are used in the soup as well. Jamaican men love drinking cow cod soup, "people say it make them stronger in bed"

My favorite Jamaican soup is gungo or kidney pea’s soup. All peas is a source of dietary fiber / fiber. So if you want to lose weight plenty peas. I belief it's also good in clearing the topper and the lower testis.

Please look for my next article on Jamaican Food it Impacted.

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